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The Award Winning Cush’n Shade® is a unique new sunbathing accessory that allows you to sunbathe more comfortably than ever before! The adjustable sun shade provides the highest UV protection available for the users face against the damaging effects of the sun and makes reading and relaxing in the sun a much more pleasurable experience.

Whether you are sunbathing in the garden, by the swimming pool or on the beach, the Cush´n Shade® is the perfect sunbathing accessory to use. It can be firmly attached to any lounge chair or reclining beach chair by simply wrapping the stylish elastic carry strap around the chair and tightening to keep in place, even in windy conditions! Weighing just

1.7Ibs (800 grams), Cush´n Shade® is extremely light and highly portable for taking on vacations, making it the only portable sunshade in the world that offers both a comfortable cushion and a UV sun shade all in the one stylish product.

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Reviewer: Sarah CBrilliant!!

I used to find sunbathing for any extended period intolerable. I love reading but could never get comfortable trying to read while I was lying out. I took a cushnshade on holiday for the first time this year; I completely chilled out, got through 3 books in a week, got a lovely tan and annoyed the rest of my family far less than I usually do with my whinging! I found the cushnshade quick and easy to assemble and it's really light - I won't be going on a sun holiday again without it!


Beware of counterfeit
Cush’n Shade® products.

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