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Why You Need the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’

Stronger bones, a better immune system, protection from some cancers, lower blood pressure, clearer skin, and a healthier brain. These are just a few of the apparent benefits of the strangest of vitamins—vitamin D. Unlike all other vitamins, vitamin D is made by our bodies, but it requires sunshine. The problem is, we’re just not getting as much sun as

Protect your crowning glory

• Faded hair color • Broken or split ends • Frizzy hair • Weakened or brittle hair If your plans include lots of fun in the sun, consider protecting your hair from the damage of UV rays with these tips. Hat’s Off! Actually, keep the hat on! The best way to protect your hair from the sun’s rays is to

Sun Advice from dermatologists in Ireland

CONSUMER HEALTH: Rising rates of cancer means protecting your skin from the sun is critically important – but which is the best product for you? WITH THE summer holidays and the lure of foreign destinations fast approaching – consumers’ attention is turning once more to which suncream to purchase. Given that the rate of skin cancer has almost doubled in

Breast cancer breakthrough: vitamin D in combination with sun exposure is key to prevention

As NaturalNews ( has covered for years, researchers have found a profound link between breast cancer and low levels of vitamin D. Women with the lowest blood levels have the highest breast cancer risk and those dying of metastasized disease are the most vitamin D deficient of all. Scientists have theorized vitamin D has anti-cancer properties that influence cell growth,

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