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Combined Cushion and Sunshade in One – The ultimate Beach Accessory

We all love to relax and unwind in the sun when at home and while on vacation. The Cush’n Shade guarantees to make this more comfortable then ever before combining comfort and protection while lying in the sun.

  • The Cush’n Shade is the only portable sunshade and beach umbrella substitute in the world that combines a cushion and a 50+ UV protection sunshade all in portable unit.
  • The Cushion will give your neck and head extra support and the shade will make sunbathing and relaxing in the sun more comfortable and safer then ever before.
  • The fabrics are machine washable and the elastic carry strap allows it to be firmly attached to any lounge chair.
  • The shade will help keep the users head cool and as a result will help cool the rest of the body. Hats are great but you can get to hot under them.

Provides protection for your face from the Sun’s UV rays, the number 1 cause of aging and skin damage

Everyone knows the sun is the Number 1 cause of skin damage and anti-ageing effects such as wrinkles. While sunscreens with higher SPF are becoming more popular, we need to do more! Your face is constantly exposed to the sun so when sunbathing you need to give it a rest and the best protection possible!

  • The Sun Shade has been designed and independently tested to give the users face the highest UV protection possible from the Sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
  • The certified 50+ Ultra Violet sun shade will provide the extra protection required to sunbathe safely and help reduce and prevent skin damage on the face and the anti-ageing effects such as wrinkles.
  • The Sunshade will also provide the users hair with the highest UV protection available keeping it out of the Sun rays which is the number one cause of damaged hair and prevents weakened, dry and brittle hair.
  • Squinting of the eyes also leads to wrinkles around the eye area. The shade will reduce squinting dramatically, even without sun glasses.
  • The patented ratchet mechanism allows the user to adjust the angle of the frame and shade to accommodate the movements of the sun allowing the user to always sunbathe in comfort at a simple flick of the wrist.

Versatile and portable – Attaches to any sun lounger/chaise or Beach chair

You don’t need to buy a new lounge chair with a built in shade that are expensive, offers little or No UV protection, which can be misleading and very dangerous. They are also not very portable are they? The Cush’n Shade can be firmly attached to any sun lounger or reclining beach chair available on the market by simply wrapping the stylish elastic carry strap around the chair and tightening to keep in place, even in windy conditions! The strap will adjust to both the narrowest and widest of sun chaises. Robust design ensures stability and safety even in windy conditions and will also keep your towel from blowing away. The Cush’n Shade can also be used on a stand alone basis on the beach or lawn providing extra comfort and support. It simply stands up alone providing you with all its benefits.

Reading in the sun becomes a much more pleasurable experience

Everyone loves to read in the sun or simply watch the world go by while they unwind and relax. The Sun can make this difficult and sometimes it can even be uncomfortable. The Cush’n Shade blocks the glare of the sun making reading a great deal easier while allowing the user to relax their arms and enjoy their favourite book. Squinting of the eyes can even occur while wearing sunglasses and this can cause wrinkles and make it less comfortable. The sun shade will eliminate this issue.

Hotels, Resorts & Cruise Ships

We all look forward to staying at our holiday destination or going on our annual cruise. Ever wondered why, complained or wished there was some extra shade available, or are you first down every morning? The Cush’n Shade provides the best solution to sunbathing and relaxing in the sun while staying at hotels, resorts and on board cruise ships. Sun umbrellas can be scarce, always in demand, hard to secure and in some cases they are not even permitted as they obstruct other guests! This can affect your vacation and cause significant discomfort especially on those hotter days. This is easily solved by bringing your own Cush’n Shade on vacation. We apologies in advance from inquisitive guests! The Cush’n Shade can be firmly attached and used on any sun lounger provided by hotels, resorts and cruise ships and are available to purchase in some of The Four Seasons Hotels.

Extremely Portable. Light and Assembles in Seconds

We can assemble in 1 minute, the demo video shows it in 90 seconds, how quick can you do it? Smaller then a rolled up beach towel and weighing just 1.7 lbs or 800 grams you won’t even know its in your suitcase but boy will you be glad you brought it! Cush’n Shade is small, compact and light, perfect for taking to sunny destinations. In its packaging it measures just 16″ long, 3.5″ wide and 4″ high (L 40cm x W 8cm x H 10cm). Weighs only 1.7lbs or 800 grams and Safe to bring onto the cabin of a plane

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