Why do I need a Cush’n Shade?

  • If you want to give your face extra protection from the harmful and aging effects of ultra violet radiation then you will want to recline under the 50+ UV Protection provided by the Cush’n Shade® . Independently tested and certified rating from ARPANSA (Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency) who are recognised as one of the most advanced testing houses in this sector.
  • If you like to read while relaxing in the sun then the Cush’n Shade® will guarantee to make this a far more enjoyable experience.
  • If you like to relax in the sun while you are tanning and find it difficult to be comfortable and even sometimes develop a headache when the sun is beaming down on your head and face then you will really benefit from using the Cush’n Shade®.
  • If you are travelling on vacation to a sunny destination either to a hotel, resort or on a cruise the Cush’n Shade® will give you personal shade when umbrellas are not available and make for a more enjoyable vacation.
  • If your hair is chemically treated (color or permed) then you already know how the sun affects it, leaving it bleached, dry and frizzy. Because the sun removes colour and dries locks, it can also make hair look dull.
  • If you like head and neck support while you are lying down you will love the Cush’n Shade® comfy cushion.

How will a Cush’n Shade help to prevent skin damage?

“Prevention is better then cure” is an old wise saying. It is a fact that the sun is the number one cause of skin damage and wrinkles. The face is also the most important part of the body to protect, as it is constantly exposed to the sun. We encourage everyone to continue to use sun screens with high SPF’s all of the time, but when lying out in the sun ,using a Cush’n Shade® will give the highest protection and therefore help to reduce damage caused by the sun.

Does the UV protection ware off over time?

Definitely not! The shade is designed to give 50+ UV protection from the sun. We actually achieve this
with a single layer of fabric and the shade has a double layer! 50+ UPF is the highest rating that ARPANSA
(Australian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Agency) award.

How does Cush’n Shade work on a sun lounger?

The Cush´n Shade can be used on any type of lounge or beach chair including those found in hotels, resorts
and on cruise ships and there is no need for any additional attachments! The specially designed carry strap simply wraps around the back of the lounge chair. Tightening by pulling on the strap, keeps the Cush´n Shade firmly in place even in windy conditions. The strap is adjustable and will fit both wide and narrow sun lounger.

Can the Cush’n Shade be used on the beach?

Yes most definitely! If you like to lie directly on your towel on the beach/lawn then the Cush’n Shade can
simply be placed on the towel and it will stand alone.

Does it come assembled?

The Cush’n Shade arrives unassembled in a stylish carry bag. This makes it highly portable for taking on
vacation. The assembly process couldn’t be simpler. You click 4 bars into place and then slide the fabrics
onto the frame. This takes no more then 90 seconds as this video clearly demonstrates. View Video
Once assembled it can stay assembled forever or disassemble again if you want it more compact for packing
away in your suitcase.

Just how portable is the Cush’n Shade?

Picture a rolled up beach towel, well it is smaller and lighter than that! It measures just 16 ½ x 3 ½ x 4 ½ inches or 42 x 9 x 11cm in its packaging. It weighs only 1.14Ibs or 800 grams. This image shows it packed in a small suitcase which is even suitable for bringing onboard as hand luggage.

What are the washing instructions?

Remove both the shade and pillow fabric and machine wash as per instruction label.

Can I bring my Cush’n Shade on a plane?

Yes. Because the frame is made from ABS plastic passengers are allowed bring their Cush’n Shade onto the plane.

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Cush’n Shade in Action
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